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The ILCW is governed by federal, state and local laws, its own charter (articles of incorporation), bylaws, these policies and any other policies approved by the ILCW governing board. Vision Statement Full Inclusion of people with disabilities in society.

The ILCW also adheres to the “independent living philosophy” which is a set of values, principles and beliefs related to people with disabilities and their rights to live independently in the communities of their choice.

The mission of the ILCW is to:

  • Develop a State Plan for Independent Living, in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • Monitor and accomplish state plan objectives.
  • Full support of the independent living philosophy: allowing people with disabilities to direct the types of service and support they need to live independently.
  • Active systems advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities.
  • Resource development for the expansion of the independent living network in Wisconsin.

The Independent Living Council of Wisconsin is established to develop, monitor and evaluate the state plan for independent living (SPIL) along with performing other statutory duties and authorities as listed in the current Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended in 1992, 2014 and future years, and duties as listed in the SPIL.

Mandated under the Rehabilitation Act as amended in 1992 and 2014, the ILCW has chosen to incorporate as a non-profit organization and its governing board members are appointed by the governor of Wisconsin. In all other respects, the ILCW is an independent, non-profit corporation.

The Independent Living Council of Wisconsin is established to develop, monitor and evaluate the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL)

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Our Members

Eric Riskus

ILCW Chair

Kyle Kleist


Julie Bergan

Vice-Chair Elect

LySandra Owens


Randi Johnson


Sara Eckland

ILCW ILC Representative

Ann Belisle

Council Member

Jason Endres

Council Member

Jackie Gordon

Council Member

Mary Jane Grande

Council Member

Ramsey Lee

Council Member

Martha Siravo

Council Member

Tyler Wigington

Council Member